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What I Do:

Seeking out an editor can quickly devolve into a game of service levels and jargon. Scholars find themselves asking, 'what's the difference between proofreading and copy editing? Do I need a "substantial edit" or is the "standard edit" fine?' Here at Revise & Resubmit, I simplify this process by (mainly*) offering one service—line-by-line editingthat meets most scholars' needs

Each line of your manuscript will be carefully scrutinized for grammatical correctness, clarity, and typos. I also draw on my multidisciplinary publishing experience to adjust more subjective style issues like wordiness, convoluted sentences, flow, academic tone, and voice. Finally, I leave editorial margin notes to give you a 'heads-up' about peer-review red flags and continuity issues.

My maximalist editing style is guided by a single, simple objective: improve your manuscript's clarity to increase its publishability.

[see before-and-after samples]


I use a transparent flat-rate pricing model based on word count. You only need to choose whether you would like a one-time edit or unlimited edits.

The One-Time Edit

This service includes one thorough revision of your manuscript (as described above). It is best for scholars who need an overhaul but are happy to handle any future revisions themselves.

Cost:  $0.025 per word

The Unlimited Service

This service includes UNLIMITED revisions and support until your manuscript is published.

Cost:  $0.049 per word

Turnaround Timelines: The turnaround target for regular, article-length orders is 7-10 business days. However, order timelines may be longer during particularly busy periods. Your return date will be set upon order confirmation. If you have a time-sensitive project, feel free to reach out in advance to get it on my calendar. I can sometimes be booked out about a month in advance.

I send papers out around 18:00 (6 PM) Central Time (US).

I offer substantial discounts for Master's students, PhD students, unemployed scholars, and precarious scholars (those on part-time or temporary contracts). Discounts are applied based on self-reporting.
Discount for Graduate Students & Unemployed Scholars
Discount for Adjunct / Per Course Faculty
An AI-generated graphic of “an editor at work” in a pop art style.
Rush Fee
Rushed orders are often possible (schedule depending). When available, the following pricing structure applies:

Next Day Turnaround:      Price * 2
3 Day Turnaround:           Price * 1.8
4 Day Turnaround:           Price * 1.6
5 Day Turnaround:           Price * 1.4
6 Day Turnaround:               Price * 1.2
Institutional Wire Fee
The institutional wire fee adds a flat 12% surcharge onto orders processed through university financial services offices. This fee covers the time spent completing vendor applications, chasing payments over several weeks, adjusting invoices to institutional specifications, and wire fees (which can be 10% or more with some universities).
Check out my FAQs and Policies page or get in touch.

*Other Stuff I Do:

References Check  
Your references list will be proofed and formatted to your publisher's specifications.
$0.015 per word

Extended Reader's Report
A detailed reader's report analyzing your introduction, theoretical discussion, methodological discussion, evidence and results, and overall sequence. This report identifies any structural/conceptual issues with the paper (beyond the scope of basic editing). 
Peer-Review Revisions Evaluation
An evaluation of how the journal’s peer-review requests have been implemented in the revision. The report highlights areas where the feedback can be better integrated to improve the likelihood of acceptance. Additionally, I will address any peer-review comments about language and clarity for you.

Extra Word Reduction
Up to 10% word reduction is included in the regular rates. After that, additional words can be removed at the rate below:
$6 per 100 words
True Proofreading
Basic proofreading services are available for editors of multi-author collections who need to standardize style, eliminate typos, and correct grammatical mistakes. Book authors at the proofs stage may also seek a proofreading quotation. 
Project-specific pricing

Structural Revisions
"The Silver Service"

This service helps with (longer) manuscripts that demand stressful, structural revisions. In addition to my standard line-by-line editing, I will reorder paragraphs, create sections and subheadings, and delete extraneous information. I can also help address (non-content) reviewer feedback.
This option is particularly popular with PhD students seeking support for major dissertation revisions (e.g., merging chapters) after their defense/viva.

This service includes two revisions of your manuscript. The first revision makes the structural changes you (or your supervisor) have requested and identifies areas that need further attention. After you attend to my comments, I conduct a second line-by-line editing pass to ensure the manuscript is polished.

The turnaround time for this service is no less than 15 business days.

Cost:  $0.058 per word

Advanced Referencing
"The Green Service"

The lead authors of co-authored books and edited volumes are almost always expected to sort out referencing discrepancies in the text and references list. This requires reconciling and cross-checking other people’s referencesa rarely straightforward task.

This service combs through your entire book manuscript to ensure that:

   1. All the in-text (in-line) citations appear in the bibliography
   2. All the bibliography entries actually appear in the main text
   3. All references are styled to the publisher’s instructions

Some authors may also seek out an ‘even more advanced’ referencing service, in which I do my best to locate missing bibliographic entries using the available in-text data and context clues from the chapter.

"what does my colleague even mean by “(Henry 2019(?)—the one on tourism)..."

In a recent advanced referencing project, I helped the lead author identify 88% of their colleagues' more than 130 missing references. When I can’t confidently locate the reference, I will provide a list of my best guesses.

Project-specific pricing

Please complete the "Submit your Paper" form to receive a price quote for your project.

If you are still unsure whether Revise & Resubmit's editing services are for you, let's schedule a brief video or phone call to discuss your needs.

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