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Policies & FAQs

Here are the answers to frequently asked questions about working with Revise & Resubmit. It's all general information and author protections—no "gotcha" rules or fine print.


No one but me will see your paper. I never post clients' identifying details in my online portfolio without explicit permission.

Expect Word Reduction

The basic streamlining and de-cluttering of the editing process means that your manuscript will come back with fewer words (even when no substantive content is gone). Most scholars appreciate the extra space to add more field data, exemplar quotes, theoretical depth, or reviewer-requested additions later in the process. However, if you are very sensitive about minimum word counts (e.g., for your doctoral dissertation), you need to tell me ahead of time.


I take debit/credit cards and PayPal. These payments are handled by the website host, Wix, and are very secure. I can also work with your university to arrange a wire transfer (note: there is a surcharge for this). There are no taxes to add on; the price is the price. My prices are in USD.

I do not require pre-payment for article-length orders; you can pay when the work is complete. I do require a 20% deposit for longer orders (e.g., books, dissertations) unless you are paying through your university.


I offer discounts for unemployed scholars, graduate students, and scholars on part-time or temporary contracts. These discounts are automatically applied based on self-reporting on the intake form. If your situation changes and you can afford to pay full price, please let me know so that I can keep offering discounts where they are most needed. No discounts are applied when using grant money or institutional funds.


I strive for 7-10 business day turnarounds for normal article-length orders. Books and dissertations take two weeks to a month, depending on length. I usually send manuscripts out around 18:00 Central Time (US). This is pretty late in Europe and Africa and the next day in much of the Asia-Pacific region. Please keep time zone differences in mind when scheduling tight returns.


I am only one person, and my calendar can fill up about a month in advance during busy times. You're welcome to reach out in advance to pencil your order into my calendar. A firm return date will be set upon submission of the final draft.

Refunds, Recourse

Author satisfaction is my top priority. If you are not satisfied with the edited text, I encourage you to reach out for recourse. Normally, we can work together to find an individualized, amicable solution. I generally prefer to use your new feedback to revise the paper at no additional cost. However, you're also welcome to take the edited version at a 50% discount on the invoiced price.


If authors opt for the one-time edit, I can usually integrate minor revisions and re-review updated individual sentences/paragraphs I marked as "unclear."

Acknowledgements and Intellectual Property

The author(s) retains all intellectual property rights. Revise & Resubmit makes no claims on the ownership of the edited manuscripts.

Authors are welcome to acknowledge my work in the paper/book acknowledgements, but have no obligation to do so.

Complete the "Submit your Paper" form to receive a price quote for your project.

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