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Meet the Editor.

Revise & Resubmit is a one-person operation owned by me, Dr. Jacob Henry.
Back when I was a full-time scholar, my research examined the human geographies of nearly wageless landscapes in rural northern Namibia. This work won numerous awards from the American Association of Geographers. I've also written extensively on volunteer tourism from geographical, education, and tourism perspectives. 

My interdisciplinary publishing record includes 11 peer-reviewed papers across geography, tourism studies, and education journals. Most of these journals have an impact factor above 2.0.

After completing my PhD in 2021, I took up a pro-bono Visiting Lectureship in the Department of Sociology at the University of Namibia. I co-taught undergraduate courses, convened an MA seminar in development studies, and supervised student research.

I have also worked hard to build Revise & Resubmit into my primary livelihood source. The work of helping authors more clearly communicate their contributions is deeply fulfilling. I feel grateful for the opportunities I've had to assist more than 100 scholars (from every continent) in their publishing journeys--whether with books, articles, or dissertations.
As a critical geographer (and anthropologist before that), I am firmly committed to equitable pricing that recognizes the (financial) struggles many people face in academia. As a PhD student, I survived off a combination of food stamps, mish-mashed stipends, and unusually generous departmental funds. I've also felt the anxiety of being in a per course/adjunct position, ever unsure whether you will be allocated a teaching assignment. Even after securing a tenure-track position, academia can be a financially brutal industry.
Frankly, I'm appalled by how much other scholarly editing services charge. From the beginning, I've been fully committed to keeping R&R's pricing as low as possible, especially for graduate students and precarious scholars. Even though I'm technically registered as a sole proprietorship, I personally think of my 'business' as a non-profit.

When I'm not editing papers, you can typically find me outside photographing birds and other wildlife, and contributing to citizen science initiatives like iNaturalist and eBird, where I volunteer on the Namibia review team.

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PhD - Geography (2021)
University of Hawaii at Manoa

MA - Anthropology (2017)
Memorial University of Newfoundland

BA - Sociology (2016)
Elmhurst University

Jacob Henry presenting at the AAG’s Political Geography Pre-Conference
Jacob Henry receiving the Florence Margai Paper Award from the American Association of Geographers Africa Specialty Group

Presenting and receiving awards as a PhD student at the American Association of Geographers annual conference

Contact Me!

If you'd like a quote for a particular project, please use the Submit Your Paper form (it automatically collects everything needed for the quote).


If you want to get in touch about an extended project (e.g., editing for a special issue or writing workshop) or anything else, feel free to email me!

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