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2024 Updates

A cost-of-living price increase will be applied to all orders booked after January 1 2024.  The popular one-time edit service will now cost $.025 cents per word. Discounts for graduate students and precious scholars remain unaffected

I will be operating with limited capacity in February 2024 (and will have essentially no availability from the 8th to the 15th).

I'm increasingly booked about two weeks in advance. If you have a time-sensitive project coming up, consider making a tentative booking about a week before you're ready to send the paper.

Great academic writing conveys nuanced ideas through simple, artful language.

Revise & Resubmit helps social science scholars from around the world improve their manuscripts at all stages of publication.

As your partner in publishing, Revise & Resubmit will put your mind at ease by ensuring that your manuscript puts its best foot forward. Let R&R take care of the nitty-gritty details of publishing, leaving you with more time to research, critique, ponder, observe, code, draft, teach, count, crunch, reflect, decipher, read….or even relax. To read previous clients' experiences, click through to the Testimonials page. To see where R&R's authors are publishing, click through to the Portfolio.

Affordability is a priority.

My services start at $0.025 per word for line/developmental editing. They are the most affordable (and best value) in the academic editing ecosystem.

How do I pull this off? Quite simply, this is a small operation with no overhead—no office, no staff, no freelancers—based in an affordable city. I pass these savings on to you.

Editing for everyone.

Academia has enormous income discrepancies. Recognizing this, I am committed to offering sitewide discounts for precarious scholars and graduate students. Publishing without tenure is hard enough—it shouldn't also break the bank. Additionally, my simple fee structure means that ESL and first-language speakers pay the same flat rate.

A one-person rodeo.

​Revise & Resubmit is owned and operated by me, Dr. Jacob Henry. I hold a PhD in Geography (Hawaii, 2021) and have published across disciplines, with major articles in geography, education, and tourism studies journals. My publications are available at

The Dos and Don'ts.

I guarantee intelligent and thoughtful developmental editing. This always includes at least three close reads to adjust tone, flow, and grammar. I maintain strict confidentiality (no one but me will see your paper) and timely turnarounds.


My editing services do not include the following less-than-scrupulous tactics: 1) using a plagiarism checker to achieve a minimum threshold; 2) sprinkling in unnecessary 'five-dollar-words'; 3) posting your paper to online editing forums; 4) padding your paper with (ir)relevant bibliography entries; 5) composing papers out of thin air.

Please complete the "Submit your Paper" form to receive a same-day price quote for your project.

If you are still unsure whether Revise & Resubmit's editing services are for you, let's schedule a brief video call to discuss your needs face-to-face. 

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