What payment methods do you accept?

Most clients pay with their credit or debit card. The website host, Wix, facilitaties this transaction and keeps everything secure. You can also pay with your PayPal account.

Do you have a European IBAN?

We do not currently have a European bank account.

Can my university do a wire transfer?

Upon special request, I can provide the routing information for a US-based bank account. In this case, I will only begin working on your manuscript once the payment has cleared.


Do you make customized quotations?

Yes. While we encourage clients to select one of the available services, sometimes particular requirements call for custom quotations.

Do you do books?

We do edit book manuscripts. However, we can only provide a quotation and project timeline after reviewing the manuscript in question.

Was there a price/service change?

Occasionally we update our prices and service offerings. If you've been quoted for a project, that quote contiunes to be vaild even when our offerings change.

Can I rush an order?

It is often possible to turn an order around faster than the standard time. However, this will result in rush fees.


What time zone are you in?

Central Africa Time (GMT +2). All dates and times on R&R documents are in CAT.

What does "revise and resubmit" mean?

"Revise and resubmit" is a common phrase in academic publishing. An R&R decision refers to the scenario in which an article is neither rejected nor immediately accepted by a journal. Rather, the author is asked to address the reviewer feedback before sending the paper back to the editor.

While new authors may find this discouraging, R&R decisions are actually great news! With a to-do list from the reviewers, it's just a matter of time before your article is on its way to acceptance. It is virtually impossible for an article to be accepted with no/minor revisions, so R&Rs are both normal and useful.