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CV Refresher

Service Details

Basic redesign of your (non-academic) resume or CV for academic purposes

Note: My CV design style is suitable for the American academy. When sending your CV outside of the US, stylistic and content norms may differ.

Brief assessment of your CV's strengths and weaknesses in the academe

Rate: This service is offered at a flat rate of $25.

Discounts: Discounts cannot be applied to this service.

New to academia? Applying for grad school? Going on the job market? You'll need a CV that hits the right notes for your intended audience.

This service streamlines the design, prioritizes the important content, and ensures that you include all the right headings to help your CV put the best foot forward.

The result may not win any graphic design awards, but it will feel fresh and (more importantly) proficient as an academic CV.

This service is editing only. There is no face-to-face component.


Turnaround: The turnaround is two (2) business days from payment.

Cycles: The CV Refresher includes one (1) review of your CV

Dissertation Purple

The baseline editing service bringing power and academic authority to your dissertation or thesis.

English Grammar

Smoothing Wordy Phrases

Simplifying Ideas

Typo Correction

General Clarity & Cohesion

Academic Word Choice and Tone

You Receive

A 'clean' copy of your edited manuscript

A change log version of your edited manuscript


Review Cycle


Business Day Turnaround


Per Word



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