Academic Book Editing & Proofreading

The Book Service

Manuscripts longer than 13,000 words are assessed on an individual basis, so an exact timeline and price can only be quoted after consultation.

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Generally, I only accept longer manuscripts in need of Purple Service editing. Expect the editing work to take about one month. Manuscripts from 13,000-30,000 words will receive a 5% bulk discount. Manuscripts longer than 30,000 words will receive a 10% discount. The Precarious and Adjunct Faculty discount (20%) can be applied to this service.

Supplemental  Services (Books)

Email Enquiries   - $20

Keep me on retainer with five follow-up emails to ask short questions about editing and grammar as you continue to make revisions throughout the publication process.

Extended Reader's Report  - $20 per 12k words

A detailed reader's report analyzing your introduction, theoretical discussion, methodological discussion, evidence and results, and overall sequence. This report identifies any structural/conceptual issues with the paper (beyond the scope of basic editing) which could cause trouble during peer-review.

Peer-Review Revisions Evaluation  - $40 per 12k words

An evaluation of how the publisher’s peer-review requests have been implemented in the revision. The report highlights areas where the feedback can be better integrated to improve the likelihood of acceptance. Additionally, I will address any peer-review comments concerning language and clarity in my edits.

Zoom Your Book   - $80

A 40-minute Zoom call to discuss the edits made, the strengths & weaknesses of your manuscript, and the next steps in the publication process.