Meet the Editor.

Revise & Resubmit is a one-person operation, owned and staffed by Dr. Jacob Henry. Though originally from the USA, Jacob now lives with his partner in beautiful Windhoek, Namibia.

He enjoys traveling to every corner of Namibia to photograph birds and other fauna. Day-to-day, he is most often found in his kitchen, a coffee shop, or collecting houseplants.


PhD - Geography (2021)

University of Hawaii at Manoa

MA - Anthropology (2017)

Memorial University of Newfoundland

BA - Sociology (2016)

Elmhurst University

- More than 11 peer-reviewed articles

- Interdisciplinary publishing record (primarily geography, education, tourism)

- Majority of journals have an Impact Factor greater than 2.0

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My dissertation was based on two years of fieldwork in the southern African country of Namibia. I investigated the social-economic shifts caused by widespread and pervasive structural unemployment.

I have also published widely on the cultural politics and political geographies of volunteer tourism and travel blogging.